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  1. Off-Road / Enduro
    This is my first post on the forum so i apologise if this is the wrong section for this thread. 450SMR uses an off-road/enduro engine so seemed like the right place. Purchased this last weekend, went out for a quick play yesterday, got off after 5 minutes to check the bike over due to it...
  2. Supermoto
    Hi all, got back from a ride recently and notice one drop of oil under the bike the next morning. Searched around and couldn't find any obvious external leaks, took off the alternator cover and found a small pool of oil inside. I checked behind the flywheel with a torch and the bottom of the...
  3. Off-Road / Enduro
    Help! :confused: Does anyone know what this port is on the side of the cylinder head of my 2003 exc 200? And why it is weeping oil? Thanks!
1-3 of 3 Results