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  1. Adventure
    Hey up, Anyone used these bags for their panniers? If so...any good? Cheers...
  2. Bikes and Bits for sale
    ### sold ### I’ve always liked how a big Adventure bike looks with set of aluminium panniers. Soft luggage looked to me like a cheap compromise. Until Giant Loop that is. As soon as I’ve seen the first picture of a Great Basin I knew it just make sense. A 60l luggage that hugged the tail...
  3. Bikes and Bits wanted
    *** ALL SORTED *** thanks for looking Hi all, If anyone has a set of racks for the Gobi panniers collecting dust that they'd like to get shot of, please drop me a pm. Thanks Mark
  4. 950/990 Supermoto
    To my disgust the other night i went to ditch my pannier racks on the SMT and realise the're holding the fucking exhausts on.....:redface: I'm sorry if this has been asked half a million times already but how do I get rid of the ugly fuckers?
  5. Bikes and Bits for sale
    Set of rear pannier rails for Hepco & Becker panniers or just to protect your pipes. Excellent condition. Comes with the cross brace and bolts at the rear. No mounting bolts - these can be obtained from your dealer. New cost £164 + shipping + VAT £60 + shipping at cost (estimated at £15).
  6. Adventure
    Hello Lads, as the reccesion hit me hard I don't think I'll be able to purchase plastic gobi panniers for my summer trip. I already have a grey plastic top box and a pannier rack. I came across this website: http://sites.google.com/site/rtwxtz660/alluboxes and am playing with the idea making...
1-6 of 6 Results