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peak district

  1. Is it time to join/contribute to the TRF?

    Off-Road / Enduro
    Morning, So we've all seen the news about the overturning of the TRO on Chapelgate. Happy days. Before we all get too excited about it, lets reflect on whats been said about the costs. £50,000.00 - yep, 50 big ones. So what? Well, if the TRF hadn't fought it no-one would be enjoying one of...
  2. green lanes in the peak district

    Off-Road / Enduro
    Hello just a heads up for anyone who rides anywere around the peak district and derbyshire dales. Derbyshire county council are conducting a survey of people interested in the green lanes around here. This can be filled in on line or printed out and posted back to them. To find it..,type...