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  1. Supermoto
    As some of you may have seen after riding a CRF 450R supermoto for the last year and a half I've got myself a 2009 KTM 450 SMR and back in Team Orange! Aside from a ported head, Beringer cast disc, SXF Ti header and Ti Akrapovic can it's pretty much standard. I'll keep this thread up to date...
  2. KTM 125/200 RC's and Duke's
    Hi guys, im about to buy a rc125 and wanted to know if there is an exhaust that is proven to give the best performance gains rather then just the loudest, same with air filters (cone or panel) is it possibe to put in a larger fuel injector? is the 390 injector any bigger then the 125?? or if...
  3. General Discussion
    Hi all! As some of you already know I fairly new to the bike world and looking for ways to spruce up my KTM Duke 125. I have seen some Slash Cut Exhausts. Any views or opinion on them??? Obviously weight difference and sound. Does anyone have one fitted or know how good they are?? All...
  4. General Discussion
    Hello again all! Today I had a K&N Panel Air Filter fitted. I have been looking at sprucing up my KTM Duke 125 as some of you already know. I have decided next pay day to get an exhaust system. The question is which one? The KTM garage I brought my bike from told me Akrapovic..... Any advice...
  5. Off-Road / Enduro
    Hi, Has anyone used this zx1 stuff in their bikes? Is it as good as everyone on the net seems to think? I can't believe there are no draw backs.
1-5 of 5 Results