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  1. Standard caps for brembo brake reservoir and magura choke cover 950 sm

    Bikes and Bits wanted
    Hi all I am after the standard caps and covers for my 950sm...the caps for the brembo reservoirs and the magura choke assembly. Anyone got the originals after fitting dress up anodised bits Cheers
  2. Stupid ambitious Turbo 125 DUKE

    General Discussion
    I know what you're thinking why not buy a cheaper bigger bike and get a better resale on your DUKE 125? But I'm an engineer so I can't resist :P First off I was thinking of buying a used small diesel turbo. Then disassembling, removing the turbine. I would then be able to power the shaft and...
  3. KTM DUKE 125 De-Restricted! Opinions???

    General Discussion
    Hi All! As some of you know I am fairly new to this forum. I have been finding ways to boost the performance of my KTM Duke 125. So far I have upgraded the air filter to a K&N Panel filter, also the exhaust from stock to PipeWerx 300mm-100mm Stainless steel. I have been looking on Youtube at...
  4. Slash Cut Exhaust????

    General Discussion
    Hi all! As some of you already know I fairly new to the bike world and looking for ways to spruce up my KTM Duke 125. I have seen some Slash Cut Exhausts. Any views or opinion on them??? Obviously weight difference and sound. Does anyone have one fitted or know how good they are?? All...
  5. I want a new exhaust system! Any Recommendations or Advice!?

    General Discussion
    Hello again all! Today I had a K&N Panel Air Filter fitted. I have been looking at sprucing up my KTM Duke 125 as some of you already know. I have decided next pay day to get an exhaust system. The question is which one? The KTM garage I brought my bike from told me Akrapovic..... Any advice...
  6. How do I make my KTM Duke 125 Faster/More Powerful? Any Advice would be great.

    General Discussion
    Hi to all. I am new to the bike industry and love it so far! I have recently brouhgt a Ktm Duke 125 and love it but I feel as I am a fairly tall and heavy that I could do with more power! I have heard about re-mapping and de restricting but I have no clue what to do. Can anyone help? I no the...
  7. 690 SMC tune ecu

    General Discussion
    Hi All, Just joined the forum, had an 08 SMC over the last year & had some great fun doing a few track days / commuting / general larkin about. Now upgraded to a 2010 which is gonna be a keeper & I would like to do a few more upgrades to get the best out of it. I'm mainly looking for a bit...
  8. No Power band

    Off-Road / Enduro
    125 EXC. 2007 fitted new piston,rings etc. 10hrs ago all has been running well, then suddenly yesterday we were out practising and it just lost power after being dropped on a hill, nothing big though. On the way back down to the van it kept bogging down and sounded as though it was being...