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  1. KTM LC4 640 Prestige Breaking

    KTM on eBay
    LC4 640 Prestige. 13k miles. (I think) V5 present. PM me for prices and pictures. It is on ebay. Item number:222126339570
  2. 2006 LC4 640 Prestige Exhaust + Other Bits

    Bikes and Bits wanted
    I'm after a pair of cans for my 2006 LC4 640 Prestige. Anything considered. I am rebuilding the bike after it developed a bottom end knock. I ve decided to give the bike a good going over and will be doing a lot of work to it. I could also be tempted to buy the following: New Piston...
  3. Stolen 690 LC4 Supermoto Prestige

    Stolen or Scams
    Hi KTM forum I'm just wondering if you guys/girls can keep a lookout for someone seling a 2007 Black and grey Prestige with GPR exhausts - the buggers nicked it while I was away for a week. Reg No. LX57 BXV from the North London area. If you could keep your eye's peeled that would be great...