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  1. Poor running / limp mode problem on 2009 690 smc

    Hi Recently purchased a 2009 690 smc, first few weeks were great no problems at all then one day whilst out on a ride the bike suddenly started running very poorly. Managed to get the bike home but couldn't go faster than about 30mph and wouldn't rev any higher than 5000 rpm in any gear...
  2. KTM 200, Problem with a gear

    KTM 125/200 RC's and Duke's
    Hello fellow riders, I have been a proud owner of my first bike KTM 200 (2013) for past 3 months. I use it mostly for commuting to work. Today, coming back home I have discovered that I am having a problem with a lower gear shifting. If I wait at the traffic light, I try to put the gear on a...
  3. 2012 250 SX Clutch problems

    Off-Road / Enduro
    Has anyone else experienced problems with the biting point? My mate says when he's on the gate he can set the revs and hold the clutch lever at a certain point, ready to blast off the start line and whereas with all his other bikes the bike only moves according to how much you let out the clutch...
  4. KTM 525 EXC (2005) - Headlight and Horn Dead?

    General Discussion
    Hi All, Just joined, bring on the pi** takes :D Being serious for a mo', my 525 is getting right on my t*ts. Out of the blue, the headlight appeared to blow last week. All that works is the little parking light. I also have no horn. I have done the following: - Replaced left-hand switch...
  5. I got a problem

    General Discussion
    My 2009 Ktm 150cc has broken. It sounds like the exhaustis blowing but we brought new rings and there is no signs of it actually blowing. Now the bike wont start and oil is coming out of the engine. Around the area where the exhaust goes into the engine. Has anyone ideas of what could be wrong...
  6. Ktm 660 smc -04 clutch

    Heeelp On the way home from work today, I noticed that my clutch handle did not go all the way in as before, it stopped about 1 cm from the handlebar, so I changed the clutch oil and saw that the oil was dark, saw 2-3small small metal-like particles 0.5 mm in size then added new oil in...
  7. The bill is getting bigger

    Some of you may remember I had all sorts of problems with my Adv that never got sorted although it went to Laguna about 4 times. Well it was stored up after I sheared off the rear brake (that is another story). So has been in for its 2 yr/9000 mile service at Hyside. I've given them a list of...
  8. Ktm 85 - 06 Ticking/scratching clutch.

    General Discussion
    Hi,i just discovered a scratching noice comiong from the clutchhouse when i press the clutch,Anyone know wat this can be? /Joel