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  1. KTM 125/200 RC's and Duke's
    Hi everyone I have a Duke 125cc 2016 and the speedo over counts and I mean way over I can get 30 MPH just pushing it and while riding the bike it top the speedo tops out at 199MPH 😂 I wish it was true, Also causing milage to shoot up 10 mile trip equals 200 miles on the mileage. But all jokes...
  2. General Discussion
    hi ive got a 2001 ktm exc 125 and having problems with the brake pedal it wobbles ! alot ive herd its a commom problem and have seen 3 other excs that have the same thing can any one can help me? with out having to buy a new pedal cheers mart.
  3. Off-Road / Enduro
    So I have had my Enduro 690R a few weeks now, and have just hit the magic 600 miles. In those 600 miles, the throttle body assembly has detached itself from the back of the engine no less than three times. Bike went in for the service today and I mentioned the issue only to be greeted by a...
  4. Off-Road / Enduro
    :confused: when bike is cold and just started i pull clutch lever in and put into first and the bike stalls (clutch not working) when i leave the bike warm up and put the front wheel against wall in N with the bike started then pull clutch in put it into 1st and rev after i done this the clutch...
  5. RC8 Superbike
    ok, here's one for you all !! ;-) Out this morning making the most of the sunshine, approached a roundabout, dropped down a couple of gears, pulled away. All good so far !! Went to change up and the gear lever wouldn't move ! Thought I had missed it so visually checked and foot was still...
1-5 of 5 Results