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  1. Bikes and Bits for sale
    Complete in box & in good order. Did 37 hours on the bike before being removed. Part No. 77432900300. £250 (I also have a Rekluse Clutch Cover & LHRB available by separate negotiation)
  2. Off-Road / Enduro
    Hi Ive just purchased a rekluse EXP 2.0 (second hand) I've attempted the install 2 times now, 1st time clutch was slipping badly not moving the bike much and no free play gain/lever movement at all. so after reading a few posts on the forum I've purchased the 280psi spring and also new rubber...
  3. Bikes and Bits for sale
    Hi all, I've just been out and bought a Rekluse Auto Clutch for my 250F, but managed to order the clutch for the 250 2T. :wanker: I can't return the item as it's been soaked in oil as per the instructions (it was only when trying to fit the parts in the housing that I realised it was never...
  4. Off-Road / Enduro
    I've just installed a z start pro on my 2009 exc-f 250 I'm running the l4 spring with 27 ball bearings I ride Enduro. I'm finding the clutch slips when climbing steep hills all the clearances are correct to rekluse spec just wondered what anyone else is running before I start swapping springs...
  5. Off-Road / Enduro
    Hi all, just got myself a rekluse clutch kit but im looking for a new/second hand Rekluse clutch cover to fit a 2009 EXC-F250 if anyone has or knows of one for sale. Thanks.
  6. New Member Introductions
    Hi we are based in the southwest and have a small workshop with a ktm/honda/ trained Tec. We have a new website being built to sell Rekluse online and from the shop. We have done this as when i was buying them only a few dealers seemed to know a bit about the clutches and i found it hard to know...
  7. Bikes and Bits for sale
    Wanted rekluse clutch for 350 exc Tel Gary on 07974779052
  8. Adventure
    Anyone fitted a Rekluse clutch to a 640 Adventure? According to the Rekluse website (unless I'm blind) they don't list it as an option, however, the UK imported, Cisport does list it: https://www.cisport.co.uk/Product-Items/pg_rek_kt_lc4/LC4,-400-625-64... So assuming it CAN be done.. any...
  9. Off-Road / Enduro
    I'm off to Australia for a few years (work; Sydney), and just found out I can't register my KTM there...:frown: so I'm selling it. 2 questions... What's a well maintained 09 250 EXC worth (with, and without Rekluse and LhRB set up)? Will a Rekluse for the 250 also fit a 2012 300 EXC?You see...
  10. Bikes and Bits for sale
    Hi, Anybody interested in a Rekluse z-Start Pro automatic clutch for all LC8s? The model number is RMS631. See here. It has had only 300Km use and as such is hardly used. It does come with the recent Rekluse updates which have not been fitted. I fitted this a few weeks ago for a recent...
1-10 of 10 Results