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  1. 1290 Decat/Akra Map/Remap

    Evening all, So I'd like remove the big ugly cat under my SDR and fit a decat - easy enough. My question is (after many hours on google with no answer) what is the best route to go with remapping the Duke! I've spoken to two of my local KTM dealers, one wont go near my bike without a full...
  2. DUKE 125 ECU Calibration / Modification / Tuning

    General Discussion
    Hey guys. I know the vast majority of you will say this topic is a complete waste of time and money but I'm interested to know what can be achieved from a few simple ECU modifications. This site seems to be quite insightful; /http://www.spellspt.com/ Apparently 18hp can be seen with a very...
  3. How do I make my KTM Duke 125 Faster/More Powerful? Any Advice would be great.

    General Discussion
    Hi to all. I am new to the bike industry and love it so far! I have recently brouhgt a Ktm Duke 125 and love it but I feel as I am a fairly tall and heavy that I could do with more power! I have heard about re-mapping and de restricting but I have no clue what to do. Can anyone help? I no the...