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  1. 990 Adventure - 2-1 exhaust using existing Akrapovic can

    Can anyone advise on using one of my current Akrapovic can for a change to a 2-1 exhaust set up for 2012 990 adventure? I would ideally like to simply purchase a 2-1 y-piece from Remus and utilise my existing pipe work and end can without the cost of purchasing a new/additional can. Im not...
  2. 990 Adv 57 plate definitely for sale

    Bikes and Bits for sale
    got to say goodbye to my bike 57 plate 990 Adv, orange 33129miles new remus and y-pipe bout 3 month ago new adv-spec rear rack bike is currently dirty but underneath its all good mot bout June panniers and pannier rack separate oil change components to go with it - gaskets and oil make me an...
  3. Ktm 1050/1090 adventure remus titanium hexacone exhaust

    Bikes and Bits for sale
    £360 + p&p Super light weight titanium exhaust system for KTM Adventure 1050 and 1090. Comes with carbon fibre heat shield. It saves a massive amount of weight at less than 3kg compared to the 11kg of the original monster can. Cost £740 new from Infinity Motorcycles. In almost as new...
  4. remus vs tuning kit evo 1

    Hey all I've got a few questions so ill try keep it brief. I've just been and put down a deposit for a 2017 SMC R and pick up mid march. super excited :D Now my dealer gave me the power parts catalogue to pick out what aftermarket parts I want to get with the bike. I was unsure for a while...
  5. Remus underfloor exhaust for 2012MY 690 Duke

    Hi Has anyone any experience with this exhaust? http://www.remus.eu/blog/wp-content/uploads/2012/08/KTM-690-Duke_under-floor.jpg I personally think it looks gorgeous, brings back the funky underfloor exhaust of the Dukes of yester-year, and apparently it sounds it bit better too. I've not...
  6. 2010 690 Duke Remus Hexacone exhaust

    Does anyone have experience of the Remus Hexacone silencer: Home :: KTM 690 Duke / R :: Exhausts :: Calsport - Power Parts, Accessories and Spares. Thinking of fitting this as Acro's are out of my budget. Thanks Crookie
  7. 950SMR Akras wanted

    Bikes and Bits wanted
    Looking for a nice set of end cans for a SMR950 (07). Akras / Remus / Quill considered W.H.Y. Cheers.