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  1. Is the KTM DUKE 125 Limted to 62mph 100km/h?

    General Discussion
    I bought a 125 2nd hand off a learner, so I am unsure if his has been restricted in anyway. I have a full car and bike licence so I don't need to worry about the 11kW EU limit. The bike gets to 63mph then jolts like the fuel has been cut, falling back to 62mph. I think it's no coincidence that...
  2. Ktm 690 duke 33bhp restriction

    As the story goes, I passed my test but am in the restriction period and I want a duke! But fi international/alpha technik don't provide a kit for it, how is it restricted to 33bhp. It would be great if someone shed some light on it. The thing I dont understand is the 690 smc and enduro can be...