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  1. Supermoto
    I rode home through wet snow falling last night, and when I got home, I noticed that there were drops of water INSIDE the SM-T's headlight assembly , where I couldn't reach them to dry them up with a towel or something. Should water be able to get in there? Or was it just moisture in the air...
  2. Member's Bike Pics and Bike Videos
    Continued from Part 1: DAY 3 Day 3's weather looked pretty good from my window: And it only got better as the sun came up and burned off the early morning mist: Here's the Zumo track for Day 3: I wasted about 90 minutes trying to book a ferry home for Thursday, since I heard it would...
  3. Member's Bike Pics and Bike Videos
    So I got back yesterday from a tour around Nara and Shikoku, Japan. Here's the report: DAY 1 I was all set to head out the door on Sunday the 27th, when the best wife in the world refused to let me leave without a hot breakfast: Fully energized with bacon (mmm... bacon...), off I went. I...
1-3 of 3 Results