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  1. Headlight from 950 SM + Digital speedometer

    Bikes and Bits wanted
    I'm about to modify my Duke II, and is going to mount a high front fender and another headlight, to make it look like a Supermoto. :D I think the headlight from the 950 SM looks very good, but other enduro headlights may also work, i would also want to have the surrounding cowl and plastic. I'm...
  2. Cheap 625 Supermoto w/ Akra Ti

    Bikes and Bits for sale
    Hi all, time has come to sell my 625 SMC. 2nd one I've owned as they're so good and this one is spot-on. Reason for sale is I commute 3-400miles a week and i really need something a bit more comfy like a fazer etc. Will be sad to see her go. Good bits 19950 miles 2004 fcr41mx model MOT May...
  3. 690 smc acceleration problem

    Need some help. My 690 smc after a day practicing wheelies, i noticed I'd lost some thick black oil near the gear lever. Today the bike is not riding right. Acceleration is not as responsive as normal. In 3rd gear doing 40mph if I accelerate hard it goes straight to 8000 revs almost like I have...
  4. SMC 690 Pillion foot pegs

    Hi all, I am urgantly looking for a set of pillion foot pegs (with the monting brackets) for my 690 SMC. If anybody has a set or knows of where I can get a set please PM me. Your assistance will be greatly apprceicated. Regards
  5. 660 SMC rear wheel removal/fitting

    General Discussion
    Hi all, I took the rear wheel out to fit a new tyre and was significantly pissed off by how difficult it is to remove. I can't maneuver the wheel enough to release the rear caliper from its post on the swingarm and so there is no clearance between the rim and and the caliper. As a result I've...
  6. 625 SMC Exhaust

    New Member Introductions
    Hi guys, I have had my 2005 625 for about 2 months now and its my first supermoto. It came with all restrictions still in place and all original. Naturally I want to unleash it! I have opened up the airbox a bit, I am after a JD jet kit, if anyone knows where I can get one in the UK that would...
  7. KTM 690 SMC-R Wheel Weights

    Hi guys, Does anyone know the brand of the OEM wheel weights? I'm trying to find some that are narrow enough to fit on my Enduro wheels and the ones on the SMCs that I've seen look like they'd fit the bill but I just can't seem to find them. Thanks very much!
  8. 660 smc

    Bikes and Bits for sale
    Guys, I have owned this 660 for almost its entire life, it has about 5.5k miles, not looked or ridden it since last summer. I have spent a fortune on it making it a very individual classic. Nothing racey just smart. It is a 2004 model but upgraded to twin pipe rear end. It has custom black...
  9. 690 smc .hot hot hot.......

    Any ideas please. my 2008 690 smc keeps overheating. Ive changed the radiator sensor but she still flashes her little red light. Thoughts !!!:hmh:
  10. Gfx designs Ktm 690 smc custom graffix

    General Discussion
    Most excellent as always!!! I'm in love with theses graffix!!! Let me know what you guys think!
  11. 2010 KTM 690 SMC Buying advice Please!

    General Discussion
    Hello, I ride a Street triple R but am looking to upgrade my scooter commuter to a 690. Im looking to get a 2010 KTM 690 SMC second hand, 2600 miles with an akra zorst. I have run an HPI check on the bike and it has come up clear. It was not stolen, no finance owning I can get it cheaper...
  12. new to me ktm 660 smc

    Can anyone help me with this one, Just bought a 55 plate smc 660 2400miles you know the one kick start only vibrates bits of everywhere unless there welded down. anyway I'm looking to get the best out of it so up-to now i've replaced the exhhaust with an aftermarket one (sounds absolutley awsome...
  13. Wanted KTM 625 / 690 SMC or 640 LC4

    Bikes and Bits wanted
    Hi Folks, Looking for a clean no older than 2006 KTM 625 SMC or 690 SMC or a 640 LC4. Bike must be in good condition with low miles, will pay a fair price for the right bike.
  14. 625 SMC Engine Parts 2005

    Bikes and Bits for sale
    I have a box of spares laying around that I'm wanting to sell. Just had an expensive repair bill so need the cash. There is virtually a whole engine there, engine casing, piston, crank etc. It all came from a working engine, although the condition of the parts varies. Send me a message and I'll...
  15. Help a 40yr old virgin with a smc660?????????????????????????????

    Hello im a new member on here. Ok so i need a little help with my smc660 - 2003. I bought my bike as a non runner off ebay. I have repaired the engine and it wont start. I noticed the mag, or fly wheel has been removed before but without the extractor, hence damaging the magnets (ive found loads...
  16. GIVES you wings, or a bike with no warrenty!

    does any one know about the KTM voiding your warrenty if you fit a set of wings to your bike. i really want a set for my 690 SMR but not as much as i want my two years warrenty.:confused: