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  1. KTM 990 SMR

  2. Twin exhaust system for 2008 450 SMR

    Bikes and Bits wanted
    I'm looking for a (preferably Akrapovic) twin exhaust system for 2008 450 SMR. What's out there? Cheers Crispy
  3. Performance thread - 2009 KTM 450 SMR

    As some of you may have seen after riding a CRF 450R supermoto for the last year and a half I've got myself a 2009 KTM 450 SMR and back in Team Orange! Aside from a ported head, Beringer cast disc, SXF Ti header and Ti Akrapovic can it's pretty much standard. I'll keep this thread up to date...
  4. KTM SMR 450 2008 Twin Doma FOR SALE

    Bikes and Bits wanted
  5. Workshop manual 2008 690 SMR

    Anyone know where to get a workshop manual for the 2008 690 SMR? All I can find is the owners manuals and parts lists that come with the bike but I already have them and they are not much use for anything more than general servicing.
  6. Husqvarna 450 SMR Supermoto Road Legal. Not Husaberg, KTM, Suzuki, Honda (VIDEO INC)

    Bikes and Bits for sale
    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KV-qVkusaQY For sale is my beloved Husqvarna 450 Supermoto/SMR It is blue and black and has a set of 100th anniversary plastics on it which are very rare (good luck finding them anywhere else!) This bike is very quick and very loud! It can be used on the roads...
  7. Trackday for 950 SMR

    950/990 Supermoto
    I've never done a track day before and was wondering if anyone could recommend one for a 950 as I don't want to go to a track which is perfect for Superbikes but rubbish for SM's. Max 2 hr drive from the Midlands would be ideal. Cheers!
  8. 990 original seat and exhausts just listed on ebay

    950/990 Supermoto
    I have just listed some original bits that came with my 2010 990 SMR on ebay. Both items were replaced from new so have no marks or anything on them. There is the original seat and the original exhausts. Both can be collected/dropped off in the Sevenoaks area of Kent or I can maybe do...
  9. Couple of 950 SMR questions...

    1. Had a major service inc. valve clearances the other week and since I got it back the fueling doesn't seem as good. I've got Akro cans and I've heard about the stuttering in 2nd/3rd gear (never really noticed before hand) but it keeps missing, maybe 3-4 times in 1 hour and in any gear at...
  10. 560 SMR road conversion??

    Hi guys i wanna put my 560 on the road has anyone converted one, do i need to change the stator? Has anyone got an Exe rear fender and tail light for sale?
  11. **990 SMR bits WANTED!**

    Bikes and Bits wanted
    Hello! I'm looking for some bits for my 990 SMR: Front fender (upper and lower too) Right side fairing Upper- (head) fairing Headlight Left and Right side control switch panels (turn signal switch, ignition switch) Front wheel (Marchesini forged alloy) And a lot of small things. Please, if...
  12. KTM SMR 450 2007 Ex Chris Hodgeson bike

    Bikes and Bits for sale
    Hiya guys, We bought this bike as a rental and have changed all the plastics, hangaurds and the grips. Its a really nice bike and we sold it to a euro buyer. Annoyingly he has given me the run around and ive had enough now. Its a great spec and price, rode it thursday to give it a shake down...
  13. Had a 'moment' on Sunday. Share yours...

    I was out on Sunday over Chipping Norton way on the A361, pretty cold but sun was out so me and a mate went for a blast. He's on a 2010 Blade and I'm on the SMR. We get stuck behind some traffic (weird I know but certain parts of the 361 are crap for getting past trucks/tractors/cars etc) for a...
  14. 950 Frame Guards

    Anybody know where I can get some carbon frame guards for my 950 SMR? I've seen the KTM plastic ones but they look a bit cheap and nasty.
  15. Baffles? Pah!

    I'm ashamed to say I put the baffles back in my akra cans the other day - won't be doing that again! The difference is amazing - you can hardly hear it. Has anyone modified the baffles i.e. drilling some holes in them to let a bit more sound out? The reason I put them back in was the...
  16. 450 SMR jetting

    Hi All, I wondered if any one could help me. I am putting my 2005 smr back to 450 after the 470 kit sadly went Bang i couple of days ago. It's running a 180 main jet and 35pilot on the 470 kit, With a full titanium akro and DNA air filter What jetting should i run for the 450?? Thanks Brad.
  17. ****WANTED**** 2007 KTM 450 SMR steering damper

    Bikes and Bits for sale
    Hi guys, A friend of mine is looking for a steering damper for his KTM 450 SMR, he's got a 2007 model, but has checked out and apparently 2005-2007 all fit. Does not need to be brand spanking new, but in good working order. Let me know what you have, Thanks Reu e-mail: [email protected]
  18. KTM 450 SMR steering damper

    Bikes and Bits wanted
    Hi guys, A friend of mine is looking for a steering damper for his KTM 450 SMR, he's got a 2007 model, but has checked out and apparently 2005-2007 all fit. Does not need to be brand spanking new, but in good working order. Let me know what you have, Thanks Reu e-mail: [email protected]m.mt
  19. SMR 990 on track

    Member's Bike Pics and Bike Videos
    A little flick from Mittsverigebanan in the middle of sweden. We rides the track backwards, great fun! This is the fast group...:) YouTube - Mittsverige baklänges.mov
  20. GIVES you wings, or a bike with no warrenty!

    does any one know about the KTM voiding your warrenty if you fit a set of wings to your bike. i really want a set for my 690 SMR but not as much as i want my two years warrenty.:confused: