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  1. 950/990 Supermoto
    Hello i just ordered a TuneECU cable. Anybody know what preset map I can use? I have a Leovince aftermarket exhaust on the bike.
  2. Bikes and Bits for sale
    2010 ktm 990 smt for sale 21k miles, service history up to 20,500 bike will come with a new MOT. Twin Carbon tip Akrapovic exhausts. R&G Radiator gaurd. Engine Bars. Bike Needs Nothing it is great condition. Located - Pontypool, South Wales Price - £4695 ono 07943923164
  3. KTM on eBay
    Hi, I am selling a gel ergo seat on ebay (UK). link is here http://ebay.us/Pmx2X3?cmpnId=5338273189
  4. Bikes and Bits wanted
    I'm after a Rear tail bag for an SMT
  5. Supermoto
    Hello Everybody! I have these items for sale: -Fuel Tank: Nice condition, only have some marks of use. One stricker is missing, but I give 2 original strickers with it 300EUR -Fairings: Front Panel, Back Panel, Side Panels, Inner Panels, Windshiel: Excellent condition, without any mistakes...
  6. Supermoto
    My SMT 990 is up for grabs - see the full advert over here on AutoTrader: KTM SUPERMOTO 990 cc 990 Supermoto T (11MY) 9 Cheers, Andy
  7. Bikes and Bits for sale
    First registered May 24 2009 999cc Full service history 5716 miles, Akrapovik slip-ons from new from dealer. Original exhaust in new condition, Engine protection, CNC Clutch cover, Orange side panels, Optimate-3, aluminium front stand, and SM 990 seat included. Personal Licence Plate N999 KTM...
  8. Supermoto
    Does anyone know if it's possible to put the heat shield from an SM onto the SMT. I don't want to keep the existing heat shields on, but I also don't want to burn anyone on the back either! I do intend to replace the cans at some point which will lower the temp at the back, I might wait until...
  9. Supermoto
    I'm going to go on my first touring on SMT. I'll start it 22nd of May and it will last around 6-9 days. Here is my route: Liberec (my city)-Bologna-Firenze-Florac(Parc National des Cevennes - France)-Freiburg-Liberec Thats almost 3.5k kilometers. I'm planning to go with my tent and sleeping...
  10. Supermoto
    First post and it's a question?! I'm looking at getting a 990 SMT when they become available in the states here later this month. I've been reading up on KTM as much as I can lately since a) it's still winter here w/snow on the ground and b) I've never owned a KTM. In looking at the 990...
  11. Supermoto
    I rode home through wet snow falling last night, and when I got home, I noticed that there were drops of water INSIDE the SM-T's headlight assembly , where I couldn't reach them to dry them up with a towel or something. Should water be able to get in there? Or was it just moisture in the air...
  12. Supermoto
    Talk SMT : http://groups.google.com/group/ktmsmt990
1-12 of 12 Results