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  1. KTM 125/200 RC's and Duke's
    Hello everyone. I'm having a problem with my Duke. With my speedo. So here's the problem. While riding, the speed reading on the speedometer starts jumping to 0 from the speed i'm traveling (let's say 28mph). So from 28 it goes to 0 and then back again to 28 and again to 0. All the time while...
  2. Off-Road / Enduro
    Hi there, was wondering if anyone can help? I've just got a 2015 Kim 300 exc but can't get the speedo to work! Changed the battery,still nothing so I opened it up. Seems to have been some moisture in there! Has anyone had this problem? Any tips? Or anybody have one lying about for sale?
  3. Supermoto
    Hi there I've recently purchased a 2006 660 SMC, which apart from needing some basic TLC is pretty sweet. I love it, hell of a step up from my old DRZ One issue though is that, when pinning it, the speedo reading goes completely mental, reading ridiculous figures, but when cruising along it...
  4. Supermoto
    Hi Just put new wheels on, 17" and my speedo of course doesn't work properly is there any way I can change wheel diameter in it ??