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  1. Exc250f fuel light/stalling

    New Member Introductions
    Hi Started my 2016 fuel injected 250f this morn. Started no problem, then after 15-30 seconds, fuel light came on and bike stopped, despite tank being 3/4 full. Restarted bike 5 times, same thing occurs every time. I tried it with hot start on and off. Same result. Anyone else experienced this...
  2. Idle speed when hot

    RC8 Superbike
    After some advice please folks. I have a 2008 RC8, with Akro, re-mapped to suit, sls is still there, and recently gave it a new air filter. It starts fine and runs at idle about 16/1700, but once warm, anything over 50°C, the idle speed drops so low it causes it to stall. The guy i bought it...
  3. KTM EXC 2017 - engine stalling at descent

    Off-Road / Enduro
    Hi! I have just tested some 2017 bikes and I know that there is common stalling problem in newest 2 stroke engine what is very annoying. Engine stalling manifests like choking with fuel when riding descent on idle with pulled clutch lever. Maybe there is common solution for this problem? Too...
  4. 1190 Adv bogging down on open throttle- HELP!

    General Discussion
    Hi I've had my 2013 1190 Adv for 4 weeks, I have ridden it from Somerset to London 4 times - the first 3 times all was fine but the 4th time as I was riding into London (been riding for 2 hours already) it would bog down when I opened the throttle and sometimes stall, it did this about 10 times...