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  1. 1290 Free Akrapovic offer - worth a punt?

    I just received an email from my local dealer (Lagunas in Kent) about a free Akrapovic with the 1290 Super Duke: 1290 Super Duke Free Akrapovic Currently on a GSX1250FA which i've had for about 3 years. It's a great bike, comfy, powerful enough and nimble...but it's pretty tame. Love the look...
  2. choices - SD '07 vs SD-R '07 vs SM '07

    Hi all Unfortunately working today on my birthday :frown:but salivating over which KTM i will be buying in the new year as my weekend toy :cool: As a newbie, i am hoping for some advice about which KTM is right for me. I currently have a (no sniggering!) MZ Baghira which is good fun but i...