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  1. Newcomer coming through

    Off-Road / Enduro
    Hi guys I've just joined up after recently just buying a 2015 Ktm 350 sx-f. The bikes an absolute beauty :D Live in Manchester and i ride motocross (very poorly but still ride) just getting back into it after a big crash 4 years ago, now I'm 21 thought id give it another bash Anyways just...
  2. lowering a 300 exc, best options?

    Off-Road / Enduro
    got a 2006 300 exc and looking at getting it lowered. Owned it for a year now and have always had the problem of not finding ground in an emergency situation…..or standing still on uneven ground usually ending in me falling over and looking like a complete tit :P so does anyone know the best...
  3. Max Preload for a chubby bloke

    Off-Road / Enduro
    Hi All! I'm trying to set the sag on my 2012 250 EXC-F... I weigh 110kg + 8kg of gear (Gear / clothing + trail riding spares - incl. spare kitchen sink) My rear spring is 76nm, I purchased this to replace the 66nm that was on the bike when I got it - thinking that it would be stiff enough I...
  4. Is 450 EXC suspension set up worth it?

    Off-Road / Enduro
    Yes of course everyone will say it's worth it, that's a no brainer. BUT, can anyone give me an idea of what difference I will notice? I live near Gav who runs G-Force suspension: Motocross & Enduro specialists full rebuilds, revalves & servicing UK He can do me a re-valve and fit new springs...
  5. Suspension sorted

    Off-Road / Enduro
    Had my 350EXC for over a year, trail riding use, and although love the bike overall, I'd never been too impressed with the suspension. Tried various setting changes, but could never get it right. Put up with it for long enough, until I realised I was getting noticeably slower. Found Brokenlegs...
  6. 690 Duke 2012 Suspension

    General Discussion
    I believe I have seen this somewhere but, as usual when just clicking links, I haven't a clue where I saw it. What I would like is an indication as to how far my 690's rear suspension should sink when I stick my 90kg butt on the saddle. There used to be a rule of thumb (when I wer't lad) of...
  7. suspension

    Off-Road / Enduro
    wat oil and how much air gap should i leave in my 400 sx 2002 front forks heeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeelp
  8. Discounted Fork & Shock Springs - Superduke

    Hey all, WP Suspension have an offer on Superduke springs at the moment. Get the suspension on your Duke dialed in! http://www.wpsuspension.co.uk/offers.php Other discounts available for KTM UK Forum members! :D
  9. 990 Revalve

    Hi all, I'm planning to set the suspension on my 2006 990 Adventure sorted out and am looking for a little advice and recommendations. I am thinking about having a front respring (.59 950SE) and revalve along with a rear revalve. I ride mainly road but intend to start some light offroad in the...
  10. ktm sx 250 2003

    Off-Road / Enduro
    Hello... after yrs of riding a ktm 125.... then pissin off to aus for a year, i am now home and have just bought an old 03 250 sx.....its all i cld afford at the mo......... havent ridden for ages so realise it will be a handful. Jus wondered if anyone knows the correct standard suspension...