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  1. 2003 sx 125 gear lever not returning

    Off-Road / Enduro
    Hi I have recently bought a 2003 sx 125 supermoto and was riding it home all gears selecting fine I stop at a red light and go down to first, when I pull away from the lights and go up into second the gear lever wouldn’t come down again into the central position does anyone know what could have...
  2. Opening the engine

    Off-Road / Enduro
    Hello, I wanted to ask if theres some precautions or any things i should know before opening up my Ktm sx '07 125. the cylinder seal was leaking so i was fitting a new one when i found out that another seal is leaking also, the one behind front sprocket (Excuse me, don't know the correct names...
  3. Ktm 85 - 06 Ticking/scratching clutch.

    General Discussion
    Hi,i just discovered a scratching noice comiong from the clutchhouse when i press the clutch,Anyone know wat this can be? /Joel