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  1. Tank needed 2005 LC4 adventure

    I need a tank, for my 2005 adventure, one that holds petrol would be a plus, would love to find a Rally Tank (any condition 585. any leads welcome - the season for travel is upon me and i have a leaky tank. It has split, under the seat on the left side post a head on collision...
  2. FS: KTM 21.5L Petrol Tank for SX 07-10, EXC 08-11

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    Increase the fuel range of your KTM SX (07-10) or EXC (08-11) series of enduro motorcycle with a KTM 21.5L fuel tank. This tank replaces the original tank. The tank comes with fuel tap and lines but without tank cap. The original tank cap is used. KTM Part Number: 7800701323344 Please goto KTM...
  3. 990 SM / SMT Fuel Tank, Upper Fairing For Sale!!!

    Hello Everybody! I have these items for sale: -Fuel Tank: Nice condition, only have some marks of use. One stricker is missing, but I give 2 original strickers with it 300EUR -Fairings: Front Panel, Back Panel, Side Panels, Inner Panels, Windshiel: Excellent condition, without any mistakes...
  4. Fuel Tank Protectors

    Hi, Does anyone know if the black plastic fuel tank protectors from a 990 fit on the 950 tanks. I want to get rid of the crash bars and replace with something light but not as pricey as the carbon fibre thingies... Cheers
  5. 525 bits in garage clearout inc brand new SM disc..

    Bikes and Bits for sale
    Hi, Have the following for sale Titanium MX end cap for Akrapovic silencer ( replaced this with the enduro version) Immaculate 2 x Generator covers which have been repaired after stone cracks - they are oil tight, but not necessarily pretty Open to offers on the above 05, exc 525 8 ltr tank...
  6. Aqualine PAINTABLE tank, who wants one?

    Let's face it: for longer trips the standard 950/990 adv tank is just a tad on the small side. I have been looking for alternative solutions, ranging from a jerrycan strapped to your panniers to a small rear tank/single exhaust combination or even small additional carbon fibre tanks next to the...
  7. **ktm 4cl Long Range Fuel Tank**

    Bikes and Bits for sale
    I have a KTM Long range tank sitting around not being used. 28ltr Adventure Tank If anone is interested.. drop me a message and i will get back to you. £100 + P&P