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  1. KTM RC 125 clicky throttle

    KTM 125/200 RC's and Duke's
    Just put new domino grips on my RC and now the throttle clicks when i turn it. Like it clicks every 2-3mm of turning so when you turn it quickly it sounds like a very fast clicking sound. Any idea of how to fix this?
  2. 690 Duke 08 Map/Tune ECU (Stock Exhaust)

    General Discussion
    I know there's about a thousand threads about tune ecu on the forum... So I apologise if this topic has been discussed (I had a glance and couldn't see it). I have a 2008 690 Duke (with A2 throttle restriction unfortunately) and like a lot of people I have found the throttle pretty snatchy...
  3. New Bike Advice

    RC8 Superbike
    Hi, I got my RC8 in October rode 300 miles & then put it away fro the winter, returned to the pushbike. I would like some advice on slow riding, I have a problem with slow riding & the bike stuttering. Now I hope I'll be back on the bike this weekend & in a few hundred miles we may get used to...
  4. New throttle tube for 2013 690 Duke

    Evening Today I managed to break my 2013 690 Duke thottle tube while twisting on a new heated grip. Luckily it's 99% on. The grip is holding the tube together now (you can hear the cracked plastic underneath the grip) and I don't need to twist it on any futher. Anyone know where I can get a...
  5. Snatchy horrible throttle on 13MY 690 Duke

    Hi all Does anyone hate, like me, the snatchy throttle on the latest 690 Duke? It's absolutely fine once about 30mph beyond 2nd gear, i'd say. But in 1st and 2nd, around town, stop-start stuff, it's absolutely appauling. The initial opening of the throttle between "none" and "some" is jerky...
  6. TuneECU cable for loan thread

    General Discussion
    I'm sure a lot of people out there need or a want a new fuel map/throttle cable adjust or just to hook up the laptop to check error messages etc, if you have a TuneECU cable you would like to loan out to help out a fellow member please add your details here...Area you live or can travel to...
  7. Throttle cable SAFETY (2 strokes only)

    Off-Road / Enduro
    ++++Only applies to 2 stroke KTMs (4strokes have dual throttle cables)++++ Just a reminder for those that haven't done so already... If you ride a 2 stroke KTM, your throttle cable can quite easily stick in the wide open throttle position. It can happen by snagging a branch, or snagging the...
  8. Chuffed with 950SM - Some advice needed

    Picked up my 2005 950 SM a couple of weeks ago following painstaking research into what bike I wanted next. I have to say it totally fits the bill and is a brilliant bike. Been for a couple of wet & cold tours of the Yorkshire Dales (Something I wouldn't have bothered with on my previous...