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  1. Supermoto
    Hi , i have a 2008 ktm 125 sx and im turning it into a supermoto , can i fit a 5.0” wheel in the rear ? And if so what size tyre i have done some measuring and the swing arm is 7.5” inner edge to inner edge but what tire can i put on ? Thanks and merry Christmas
  2. Supermoto
    All In 2800 miles from new i've destroyed the OEM Michelin Pilot Power that was fitted to the rear, yet my front tire is absolutely fine. Now, I want a harder tire for my rear tire, BT023 seems to be getting good rep. I dont think I need a super sticky thing, i'm not a mercenary. Does anyone...
  3. Adventure
    Hi everyone, new to forum and don't know way round so forgive me if the answers here somewhere! Just written off Pirrelli Scorpions on road trip to Millau Viaduct (and many surrounding twisties) I want to replace them with a more road based tyre, any suggestions please? I'm pretty unlikely to go...
1-3 of 3 Results