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  1. Offroad Orange Romaniacs Training

    Off-Road / Enduro
    y Don't waste time and money going to Romania unprepared. Offroad Orange Spain will be offering preparation training for RedBull Romaniacs 2018. Mark Jackson will be on hand to take you through some examples of what to expect in this World Series event. Training is limited to 5 riders per day...
  2. Enduro Training and Coast to Coast Tour

    Off-Road / Enduro
    I am from Switzerland and have a very very good trainer (Tobia Bellomo) at the coast in Italy, I am sure you know about him http://motobia.it/english/ 1. I am looking for Partners that will go with me on the Coast to Coast Tour (7 days) 2. Where can I do training best in the UK? something lke...
  3. Improve your riding – Training Herts & North London TRF Wednesday May 14th 7:30PM

    Get Togethers
    Improve your riding – Training Herts & North London TRF Wednesday May 14th 7:30PM Herts & North London TRF Wednesday May 14th 7:30PM Wednesday May 14th - 7:30PM Improve your riding - Training night A review of the major training providers in the UK and the framework that the TRF uses...
  4. Big Bike Rally Training - 28 / 29 April

    We have a few places for the rally training session at the end of April. There is a one day Advanced Session for fast fire road work to work on reading the track, increased corner entry speed, drifting / power slides and holding a tight line at speed - this session will be run by Moly - so you...
  5. try a husaberg in the wild yourself

    Algarve-Offroad organizes a visit to the 4th round of the FIM World Enduro Championship in Torres Vedras, Portugal in the weekend of 12 & 13 may 2012. news items | News | Algarve Offroad or any other day Book Now! | Algarve Offroad
  6. Motocross Training and Bikehire Essex, Sufolk, Norfolk

    Off-Road / Enduro
    As some of you know Motoxtreme Events runs alot of supermoto events, but our routes actuall come from MX. We regularly run MX training days for riders of all standards from seasoned pro to absolute begginer. Our trainer Chris has over 25 years experience and has been very sucessful in his MX...
  7. Chris Hodgson Supermoto Coaching Available @ Rowrah

    Racing Events
    Well as you know we are hosting a trackday @ Rowrah on Sunday March 25th. Chris Hodgson, current British Supermoto Champion has kindly agreed to offer training to those who would like to take part and improve their skills at the track. This service will be available FOC on a first come first...
  8. Motocross MX bike hire training day - Sunday 30th October Rushmere Ipswich

    Evening all, Im running an MX day at Rushmere in Ipswich next sunday. All our rentals will be there so we have a few seats spare. Anyone wanting to try MX for the first time this is a great chance for you, Rushmere is a great begginers track and has a novice, inter and pro circuit. Its got...
  9. Desert Rose Adventure training school!

    Off-Road / Enduro
    Patsy Quick & Clive "Zippy" Town have started an off road training school (http://www.desertroseracing.com) I didnt do it, but my girlfriend did, as a complete novice. The training was fabulous! I listened an learned, but girlfriend did it and went from no real off road experience to riding a...
  10. New off-road school

    General Discussion
    Hi. This is my first thread on my first forum so if i make a mistake please let me know. My name is Nic and i have a famous relative in the world of KTM and she has just started her own off-road riding academy. She was the first british woman to finish the Dakar on a bike and i'm very proud of...