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  1. Filter upgrades duke 125

    KTM 125/200 RC's and Duke's
    Hey guys, new to dukes new to this forum. Just bought a 125 duke, changed the stock air and oil filters for k&n and upgraded engine oil to motul and upgraded to irridium ngk plug.. Blown away by the difference in performance ill be looking to upgrade the exhaust system too, torn between...
  2. Quick headlight upgrade

    I've been searching for better bulbs for the 990 Adv ever since I bought it - my last bike had Philips Vision+ bulbs, but they don't do a H3. But at the Donington 4x4 Show I found someone selling Osram Night Breaker bulbs so I bought one, and a Philips H7 to go with it. (Actually, I got two H7s...