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  1. 2t XC WANTED

    Bikes and Bits wanted
    I’m after a 150/250 XC and have £3k ready to spend, may spend more for right bike but mrs and horses are bleeding me dry. Obviously would like as new a model and my money will get but ideally 2012-2016. Would put condition and maintenance before age. Prices seem to be high at the moment due to...
  2. KTM RC8R wanted uk

    Bikes and Bits wanted
    Hi, I'm looking for a RC8R. Possibly black/ orange colour twin sparks version in good condition. Location UK
  3. New member

    New Member Introductions
    Hi, I just joined the forum. I'm looking for a RC8R, possibly black/ orange colour twin sparks version in good condition. Location UK
  4. Bash plate to replace KTM 990 Adventure stock and a pair of TKC80's or similar?

    Bikes and Bits wanted
    Evening.. I'm after a decent bash plate for my 08 990 Adventure after punching a hole in the stock guard...black preferred if possible. I'm also after a set of tyres, something with a little bit of road worthiness but certainly offroad capable, TKC80's or Anakee Wilds? Maybe Mitas 09, Pirelli...
  5. Wanted KTM 125 exc or 125 enduro.

    Off-Road / Enduro
    Hello I want a ktm 125 exc or a gas gas 125 ec or husaberg, Husqvarna, etc.... Preferably in or near south wales. Budget 2k but can go higher for the right bike, try me. Please get in touch. Thank you.
  6. 690 Enduro R Head Lamp WANTED

    Bikes and Bits for sale
    690 Enduro R Head Lamp WANTED Head Lamp needed URGENT for a 2009 KTM 690 Enduro R Reado
  7. KTM 640 Adventure - Wanted

    Hey guys, Looking for a 640 Adventure as low mileage as new model as possible.!!! PM me !!
  8. Rekluse Clutch cover

    Off-Road / Enduro
    Hi all, just got myself a rekluse clutch kit but im looking for a new/second hand Rekluse clutch cover to fit a 2009 EXC-F250 if anyone has or knows of one for sale. Thanks.
  9. Grab Handles 950/990 Adventure Wanted

    Hello fellow Adventurers I'm not the first to ask but I am hoping that someone has a set of Grab Handles for a KTM Adventure 950/990 sitting around as I am removing my pannier rack but don't have the grab handles to put back on again as bought second hand. Does anyone have any they would be...
  10. Wanted ktm 200EXC cdi, w plate

    Bikes and Bits wanted
    Need a ktm 200exc cdi unit(w plate) asap. Can travel within a reasonable distance of sheffield.
  11. 640 Adventure

    Bikes and Bits wanted
    Looking for a 640 Adventure - black engine ideally - all things considered but want it for a couple trips around Spain and Morocco then a RTW - if anyone has one or finds one it would be great to know about!
  12. **990 SMR bits WANTED!**

    Bikes and Bits wanted
    Hello! I'm looking for some bits for my 990 SMR: Front fender (upper and lower too) Right side fairing Upper- (head) fairing Headlight Left and Right side control switch panels (turn signal switch, ignition switch) Front wheel (Marchesini forged alloy) And a lot of small things. Please, if...
  13. Wanted KTM 625 / 690 SMC or 640 LC4

    Bikes and Bits wanted
    Hi Folks, Looking for a clean no older than 2006 KTM 625 SMC or 690 SMC or a 640 LC4. Bike must be in good condition with low miles, will pay a fair price for the right bike.
  14. Wanted - 2005 400 EXC

    Bikes and Bits wanted
    Hi, Something like Grinny sold last week would be perfect for me - damn, I only just started looking! :frown: I'd prefer to hold out for a 2005 (or later model) - even though stratlad's 2004 does look tempting. Guess anything newer may be out of my price range, but you can always let me know...
  15. Wanted - KTM 125 exc

    Bikes and Bits wanted
    Hi there, Im after a KTM 125 EXC, It needs to be in good condition 2004 on wards. I live in Devon and can arange to come and pick the bike up. I your selling or know somebody who is could you please let me know. Thanks in advance Rich