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  1. Riding in Spain in December - Bilbao southwards

    General Discussion
    Has anyone done this? Im thinking about riding to Cadiz from Bilbao or Santander in mid December but wondering whether it's practicable. Any advice gratefully received. (KTM Adv 1190 with hot grips)
  2. FS: Various bike clothing (1 piece, gloves etc)

    Bikes and Bits for sale
    Good afternoon KTooMers, I need some funds and am having a bit of a clearout. Kit for sale: Corner 1 piece leathers Black with Silver highlights size 50/40 £175. Removable knee/ shin, shoulder and elbow inserts. Comes with stock sliders and some titanium sparkies (both untouched I'm afraid. It...
  3. Ready for winter ???

    I've just bought some ACF50 from Hein Gerike to protect my bike against road salt and general corrosion from the elements. Has anyone used it ? Was it worth the money? Or is there something better? Any experiences..........do's and don'ts would be useful. (apart from telling me not to get...