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Hi, I've had some issues with my '15 1050 adv. It had 3000 miles on it when I bought it back in July, and have had a few issues in my 1000 ish miles with it since then.
My last issue was oil pressure warning, which turned out to be a bad sensor - did it myself, safe to say it's not easy to get to!! However, all done, and I love the bike.

Then I had a "General Failure" warning, eek!! that sounds like doom and gloom :confused: general failure sounds like how they described the space shuttle when it exploded :eek:
It tuns out it was because I pressed the horn and it didn't work. Surely the boffins at KTM could give their customers a tiny bit of credit for a braincell or two and left it as something you notice yourself, but no, horn doesn't work, rider can't work that one out, give them a message suggesting that the world is going to explode.
Now, I was starting to think that my bike is a lemon, I've had clutch failure, oil pressure warnings, and now this, all in 1000 miles.
But.. I solved this one, and it's something you might want to be aware of if you do any work on the bikes yourself. Unlike other bikes I've had, it does matter which way round the horn is connected. The brown wire goes to the connector closest to the pip on the underside of the horn. Connect them the wrong way round and the electronics will have a hissy fit and lob all of their teddies out of the pram.
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