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I'm looking at buying and customising a 950 but still have a few unanswered questions and it would be great for a little help:

1. Will a 19 inch rear wheel fit in all the swingarms? I seem to recall reading that the adv swingarm was a little longer, but do they all still provide the same rear wheel clearance, or at least enough for a 19"

2. Are all the different versions basically the same without the bodywork on in terms of frame, intake etc? I've seen the frames all have different part numbers, but it seems there are only small differences like different brackets welded on, so like 99% similar. I will be making my own body work / fuel tank. (all the 950's have external fuel pumps?)

3. Is there an engine management system that will throw up errors / engage limp mode / cut ignition if I run without switchgear / lighting / dash?

4. Do the different models have differences in power / torque more than what could be explained due to intake and exhaust differences? I'm planning to make my own 2-1 exhaust.

5. Higher mileage are ok for the most part? Loads around with circa 50k, seems hard to justify and extra £2k for a <30k miles bike

That seems to be about all for now! I'm tempted by a 990 as they seem cheaper, but probably a lot more hassle with the fi system and removing abs for minimal power gain. Plus much easier to tune the carb for all the changes.
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