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The previous owner of my bike decided he didn't want the clutch and side-stand safety switches so he by passed them as im rebuilding the bike again im trying to re-instigate these safety measures as now and then i leave the stand down when i goto pull away on my other bike and it always cuts the engine to prevent me from launching myself off the bike on the first left hand corner.

Now i have found the clutch switch up by the headlight on the wiring loom but the problem is im trying to find the sidestand one or if it even has one as i cannot find any clue to its existence on the wiring diagram.

And on the fiche they definetly have a switch im just trying to identify the two coloured wires for the connection on the wiring loom if anyone could help please.

as i have a switch from a newer lc4 which has different colour wires and connection from the spare connections i have on my current loom
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