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Here we have for sale my much loved 2009 KTM 990 Supermoto that is only 8 months old & done only 948 miles from new.

This bike is only 8 months old with 948 miles on the clock, it's basically brand new. Everything is still as brand new and only just run in. The tyres have not even worn 2mm yet. I was planning on keeping this bike for quite a few years so I have treated it very carefully, let the engine warm up every time & run it in gently. It rides perfectly as you would expect from a bike with this mileage on it. It's been cleaned after every ride. Never been dropped or in an accident. This is without a doubt this is the best bike I've ever owned, and one of the best bikes ever built. The usual KTM quality, top spec on everything, Brembo Radial Calipers & Master Cylinder, Marchesini wheels, WP Suspension, and enough torque to pull a house, it's got it all!

A good friend of mine brought this bike brand new from our local KTM dealer J D Racing in Saltash on the 7/10/09, I brought it from him on the 4/2/10 with only 334 miles on the clock. As you can tell I have hardly used it myself. I've looked after this bike like a baby, it's kept in my heated & carpeted garage, under a cover, the battery on a Optimate charger waiting to be rode. But as you can tell with the mileage on it I never really get time to ride it.

The bike went back to J D Racing on the 22/4/10 for it's first service at 645 miles so all the paperwork is correct & up to date for manufacturer's warranty.

The only thing I've done to the bike is change the chain & sprockets, the only reason was I didn't like the look of the original chain so I decided to change it for a DID gold link chain & Talon sprockets, I slightly down geared it to at the same time. I have the original sprockets to go with the bike of course in as new condition.

Of course it comes with the original KTM folder, spare key & rear grab handles.

The only bad bit about this bike is the last owner used a strong cleaner on it without diluting & it has discolored the front forks slightly. I have got the worst of it in a picture for you to see. It doesn't stand out much, only in certain light (which I caught in this picture), my plan was to remove the forks & get them sorted but to be honest it's not that bad so I have never bothered. Apart from that that this bike is mint, no marks, no scuffs, no scratches.

These pictures were taken today so are as the bike is now.

Mark 07787505927
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