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The display on my 2014 690 Duke R started to show “Soft 4.1” and then “dat 7/3” before starting up properly… sometimes it took more than one go to get the display to fire up.

There seemed to be a bit of condensation in the display, so I took the display off the bike and put it somewhere warm to dry it out.

That did the trick – now it didn’t work at all! No tacho sweep, no LCD. The display lighting was on, so I knew it was getting power. Bizarrely, the ABS light also came on, as it should, and then went out when the bike started moving – so some bits were working OK. The bike runs fine without the display btw.

At £403 for a replacement, and little to lose, I dismantled the display.

Once it’s off the bike, take out the four screws that hold on the cover. Then pull off the tacho needle and lift up the facia (it’s glued) gently all the way round until it pops off. Pull the LCD out of its connector (gently!) and remove three further screws to separate it all from the case.

This all revealed a bit of corrosion on the circuit board, with evidence in the case, where it had been sitting in water at the bottom of the case – at the bottom of the tacho housing.

Cleaning all this up made no difference, and the display still didn’t work, until I spotted that one of the circuit board tracks had corroded all the way through. I managed to solder on a jumper wire to bypass this and bingo – it all works properly again.

I used some silicone sealant to make a better job of sealing up the housing. I think rain gets in at the front and then collects in the housing. I’m planning to drill a small hole at the low point in the housing to let any water out. I had been riding in some pretty heavy rain the week before. And I’d be very careful about washing around this area in future; the displays are not well sealed.

Maybe a small screen might help keep some of the weather off the display.

Hope this is of some use. I’ve attached a pic of the circuit board where you can see the broken track – it’s the brown patch just to the left of the letters “D4”.



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