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I'm having trouble with my bike, it doesn't have a spark. I was riding it then it started bogging down and then coming back and bogging down until it eventually became too dangerous so I pulled over. I called the recovery mechanic and we cleaned the spark plug, which seemed to fix it until it started playing up a few miles later.

It had the same symptoms until this time it totally died. I got it recovered to my garage where I pulled the spark plug and found there was no spark. So I set about checking components with the multimeter.

I want to know, is this ignition coil within spec?
IMG_20210925_172518_770 by a a, on Flickr
I had a quick look through this workshop manual

searching keywords "coil" and "resistance" but couldn't find anything

Edit: It's okay I fixed the problem, I unplugged and replugged the cdi box.
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