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Hi All,

Just joined the forum, had an 08 SMC over the last year & had some great fun
doing a few track days / commuting / general larkin about.

Now upgraded to a 2010 which is gonna be a keeper & I would like to do a few
more upgrades to get the best out of it. I'm mainly looking for a bit more top end
for track use, without losing too much of the wheelie nice torque on the bottom.

I have already got a few ideas from the forums. But need a bit of advice especially with the ECU side of things.

I have already put on akra can / map / evo 1 air-box 15t sprocket & crash protection from my 08 bike.

My first question is about the tune ECU, this looks like a real cost effective way to
Sort a/F etc out but:
Can you get a map for the evo 2 kit?
Or could a dyno tech alter the map to suit?
How difficult is it to use / anyone done it?
Anyone put on a PCV?

Anyone fitted the evo2 cam etc?

Anyone planning any sumo trackdays next season?
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