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Ladies & Gents,

The fuel injection on my 690 is recently started playing up.
When blatting along off road the FI light will come on and the bike will start to pop on the over run. There seem to be no control over the small throttle openings. It will however pick up and run OK once past the first 20% of throttle opening, (although still not 100%). This makes the bike extremely difficult to control off road as the throttle seems to be on or off. It seems to go from tick over to 20% on, with nothing in between.

When I stop the FI light flashes 5 slow and 8 fast. That code can be translated in the handbook as possible cause "Malfunction in release of throttle stepper in EPT mode". Measure to be taken are "Check the throttle valve control unit" and Check the EFI control unit".

When the ignition is switched off and then turned back on again, the system runs perfectly for a few minutes .... then it starts again.

Anybody had any FI problems similar to this with their 690? (There is not a lot of experience up here in north Scotlandshire).

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