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Hi all

been looking at this site for quite a while now, and thought i'd escaped all the problems, apparently not

after not riding it for around 14 weeks (i know, i know) thought i'd start it up and take it for a spin, started it up let it rest for a while, rode it slowly to the garage, checked tyres (all ok) rode it for another 10 miles all sensibly, went to open it up after a corner and the speedo stops working

i knew there where problems with the clock cluster, but it was down to fogging etc, not this! everything else works except the speedo (just reads 0 miles all the time)

any ideas?

thanks, muffy :confused:

okay, now if i push the bike the speedo works, but as soon as i start the engine, it stops, checked all fuses, anything else?

battery is fine

just check the manual

it states the pick up cable is damaged or contacts are corrided (most likely), wheres the bloody pick up cable?
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