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Having the KTM 950 Super Enduro R in the garage, I find it difficult to classify it as an “adventure motorcycle” as it looks like most KTM enduro bikes do.

Having all the positives of it’s 950/990 Adventure brother (minus the wind protection) and with 40kg less weight, it has phenomenal off-road performance. With suspension travel that will swallow any obstacle found in it’s way and an engine capable of destroying a rear tire in just a ride, the SE is the toughest, baddest naked adventure bike of its generation.

Having such a solid off-road platform, I only had to focus into fixing it’s main issues and adjust it to our specific travel-enduro needs. I love the SE minimalistic concept, so I did not want to built just another Rally Replica. We already have that covered with our Mythical 701 RR built, and a Rade 990 R in the garage.
I wanted to keep the bike as light as possible and close to the original configuration, but capable of 3-5 days of adventure travel with minimum gear loaded, to retain it's awsome riding characteristics.

The Super Enduro is truly a unique motorcycle and only if you have ridden one for a couple of rides you can understand what it's all about. This built is not focused into creating the "do it all" adventure motorcycle, but an upgrade of this beast's strong points.
This built is focused into fixing ergonomics, extend fuel range to 230-240km (enough for Greece), add a luggage system that is 100% weatherproof that does not require mounting frames in order to keep the overall weight low.

You can read all about my mods and thoughts on this Super Enduro here
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