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Hi all,

Having previously owned the below KTM road bikes back in the day, I’ve decided to join the fold again with a new 1290 SAS. I took advantage of the latest discount and collecting her on thursday, I’m now like a kid waiting for Christmas of course. I’ve come off an MT10 which has possibly been the best bike I’ve ever owned (and I’ve had a lot!) but I wanted something a little less focused. A bike more comfy for covering decent miles but still gives me thrills when I want to push on a bit..oh and still pop a wheelie. I truly loved the MT but it’s an all or nothing bike, I’m afraid ive finally grown old and sensible and just want to chill when I’m out instead of riding like a maniac everywhere.

990 SM
990 Adv
990 Smt
640 Lc4

Keep ‘er lit
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