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The "Flid"
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Well carnage was promised and carnage you got :smokin:

but we look after our fest goers... read on (report and pics by 2 banana)

Looking after Marco

So after Marco got ambulanced to the waiting helicopter Karl and I got really excited about the helicopter

so we got Marco off the spine board and took off the neck brace so we could get a good photo

The ambulance people were a bit agitated at this but I think it was getting close to 5pm and they wanted their tea

So after the helicopter left I drove to Lincoln hospital and Marco's mate Andrea showed me to the AE cubicle where he was, We sat there for a while and then I realised they had not connected up the machine that goes 'ping'

so I attached the first probe like I saw on casualty

Marco was in some discomfort at this point but I put that down to the tight neck brace they had put on after some idiots had apparently compromised his treatment at the track.those air ambulance guys are not as good as they are made out to be you know.

I also noticed that they had not attached the multi coloured electrodes to his testicles like I saw in another film once

I managed to get most of them on but Marco had trouble helping me as he seemed to be knocking more off than he was getting attached, but I put that down to his painfull shoulder which I held down to stop it flaying wildly under some sort of muscular spasm

He was quite vocal in his appreciation of this but as I don't speak Italian I couldn't make out what he was saying

He started to complain about the bright lights so I was able to help out there too

I went for a pee , when I came back The doctor had removed my expertly placed probes, I looked for Andrea and saw him being led away by to big security blokes so I don't know what he had done wrong

They moved Marco to a ward at 9pm as he was going to be kept in , apparently his condition had deteriorated a bit, As I sat next to him he started to express his appreciation of my efforts. I never knew the Italians were so expressive and loud with their gratitude, so many expletives too. I really did appreciate his thanks but a man in his condition should not really be trying to pull the metal handle off the bed and try and insist on me having it so forcefully

so I left when the nurse came running in

I set off towards London with the bike and thought I needed a cup of coffee, but realised I didn't have any cash. i remembered I had Marco's wallet so I stopped for a break, That huge steak and pudding was expensive and I don't usually leave such a large tip but I knew Marco would appreciate it and I put the receipt in his wallet

Got to London at midnight and by then Andrea was at Marco's house with his girlfriend. They both looked tired and agitated , probably Italain temperaments about their Marco ,but we unloaded the bike and stuff, thought it was a bit off that they didn't offer me a cup of tea.

halfway down the M4 I texted Marco to make sure he was ok, had to swerve to avoid 2 lorries that were playing silly buggers , probably on the phone to their missus or those sex lines as they were driving, but that was ok

Got home at 2 am and went to bed

apparently the M4 is closed this morning for some reason

anyway , get well Marco

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Did go and have a look yesterday missed all the crashes but saw the red flag out a few times, weather was as you said Karl pretty good, was expecting to see this VDP:scooter: thing flying round the track leaving everyone in it`s dust :rolleyes:
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