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Evening all,

The time has come to pair down the garage a bit, so a couple of my old faithful units have to go! On a brighter note, the plan is to replace them both with a KTM 200 EXC to join my Adventure and '87 500 MX hill climb beast! I would be willing to swap or p/x either the Cagiva or the XS for a good 200, up to about £2k in value.

Right, the specs are: -

Cagiva Raptor 1000 2003 (53 plate).

I've owned this since 2007 and am the second owner. It had 4000 miles on it when I bought it and now has about 13000 (I'll put the actual mileage here over the weekend at some point, along with photos). It's had the oil and filter changed every 2-3000 miles, using Motul semi-synthetic 5100. The MOT runs out on the 22nd of October, but I will put another year on it. It's taxed until January 2011.

The bike comes with the following trinkets: -
PC2 - mapped at 107rwbhp, 68lb.ft of torque. This is about right for a Raptor with the bits it has.
CCC carbon cans, road-legal with db killers (standard cans included with the bike).
Timing Retard Eliminator.
K&N Air Filter.
The airbox end caps have been removed (the caps are included with the bike).
The forks have been sorted by Reactive Suspension, fitted with GSXR1000 cartridges, springs and GSXR750 pistons.
Maxton remote reservoir rear shock (from a Fireblade) - comp, rebound, preload and ride height adjustment. New rear bottom bearing on the shock.
Bike Farm rear jack-up plates, though these aren't really needed as the shock has ride-height adjustment.
Puig Vision screen in black with smoked screen.
Silver Renthal bars.
Trak-Tek milled levers.
TL1000 clutch lever mount.
R&G crash bungs.
Carbon tank infill (standard included).
Seat has been recovered by Saddlecraft with an extra inch of foam added.
X-Raptor single seat converter.
Rear Mudguard eliminator.
New Afam C&S about 300 miles ago (extra-HD chain).
Recent EBC HH front pads.
Datatool 3 alarm (both fobs with the bike, along with the spare key).
Recent rear suspension linkage bearings and seals, and rear wheel bearings also.
Headrace and swinging-arm bearings cleaned and regreased.

The only negative things are that it fell over once and put a small scuff on the tank and radiator, and put a couple of small chips in the tank. I've covered the chips with a sticker, but couldn't do a great deal with the scuff. I'm sure that someone with more of a painting ability than me could sort it.
Also, the footrest hangers are slightly corroded and some of the paint has worn off them - this is unfortunately normal for a Raptor!

It's a grand bike and I hate to have to part with it, but it just isn't getting used now I have my Adventure! I'm looking at offers over £2,000 for it, but talk to me if you're interested.

Yamaha XS-2

Right, this is the predecessor to the XS650, but mine has a lot of a twist! I bought it as a bit of a shed and have tweaked it over the years (I bought it in 2005), had it on the road for a summer, have done a few hill climbs on it but again it isn't really getting used. It is as follows: -

1973 XS-2 frame, braced, de-lugged and plastic coated with V5 in my name.
553 XS650 motor rebuilt last year (done about 200 yards since the rebuild), with new 707cc (78mm) Wiseco pistons, barrels bored to the pistons, valves lapped-in with new stem seals, brass head seals, all new gaskets and seals. New oil and sump filters.
Heavy duty clutch (and I'm not kidding!).
34mm Mikuni VM34 carbs.
Boyer Branson ignition.
Re-routed AR Street Flat Track exhausts.
XS750 forks and yokes.
XS750 front calipers, rebuilt with new pistons, seals, stainless bleed nipples and Armstrong race pads.
HEL brake lines front and rear.
XS750 front discs.
TZ350 front and rear wheels (probably worth about £600 a set!).
Avon AM22/23 tyres in great condition.
RXS100 tank modified to fit.
Hagon CB750 (mid-90s) rear shockers.
Recent chain, front sprocket and TZ500 rear sprocket.

I also have another XS650 motor for rebuild/spares (unknown which type, but suspect it'll be a 553), a box of random XS engine cases and bits, a near-complete spare gearbox and the original XS-2 forks. I'll throw all of these in if the price is right.

No tax or MOT at the moment, but if the price was right again we could come to some arrangement.

I'm looking for around £1500 for the XS, which I think is good as I'd get a lot more than that if I broke it (they are in demand), but it seems a shame to do so....

As I said above, I'll bung some phots up as soon as I can, but drop me a line if you're interested in either of them and do please ask if you have any questions.

Cheers folks! :)

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I don't think that the speedo toggles, but you could get a Speedo Healer that will allow you to switch between the two (though obviously it will increase the mileage in kilometers).

It's a UK model and so is the headlight.

Please let me know if you have any more queries! :)

p.s. The XS is now sold. Anyone got a nice KTM 200/300 EXC for sale up to about £2000?
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