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Changing Seals on WP Closed Cartridge Forks

Bleed the air out of forks with bleed screw like you do after every ride (1). Remove easy bleed valves if fitted as they can get damaged. Replace with standard bleed screws.
Loosen the top yoke. (2)
Loosen the top cap big outer nut by 1/8th turn. DO NOT UNSCREW THE INNER PART OF THE TOP CAP!

Remove fork from bike.
Turn fork upside down and remove rubber plug from bottom
Unscrew 19mm headed base valve with an impact gun or socket.

Put the axle in the fork and sit on it to compress the fork so the cartridge pokes out.
Put a 17mm open ended spanner on the bottom of the cartridge.
With a 19m socket unscrew the base valve. Remove the 17mm spanner.

Remove the small tube from inside the cartridge.

Carefully take your weight off the axle.
Tip the fork over slowly and pour out the oil into a container. Pump the fork to get rid of as much oil as possible.
Unscrew the fork cap and pull the cartridge out of the fork.

Remove the spring and spacers from the tubes.

Now you just have the two empty tubes.
Prise off the wiper and remove the circlip.
Heat up the area where the seal is with a hot air gun, then push in and sharply pull out the inner tube out of the outer tube.

The inner tube should come out complete with seals and bush.

Remove the bushes, washer, seal, circlip and wiper. Lay everything out in a line so you know which order they fit. Clean all the parts.

Replace wiper and circlip.
Before you fit the new seal, wrap the step on the leg with tape (1) to protect the new seal as you put it on. Smear the inner side of the seal with grease and the outer of the seal as the fork leg as well with fork oil.
Replace the seals and bushes in reverse order.
Seal goes with the spring towards the bush. (2)

Put the 2 parts of the forks back together.

Press the bush and the seal into place.

This is the way to attach the guides on the fork leg in order to press the seal into place.

Replace the spacers, springs and cartridge in the fork, tighten the fork cap by hand.
Put the axle in the fork and compress the fork while you refit the base valve to bottom of cartridge, tighten to 30Nm.

Screw base valve into place and tighten with socket to 30Nm.

Turn the fork right way up.
Unscrew the fork cap, pull outer tube down and add 380ml of 5W oil to the leg.
Replace fork cap and tighten by hand…. Tighten fully once the fork if back in the bike and the bottom clamp is tightened to spec.
Clean the fork leg and clamps with carb or brake cleaner to stop them twisting.
Tighten the clamps to spec. Too tight will cause sticky forks.

Press here to download this guide in pdf.

A big thanks to KevInYorks for this guide, I put the pics and now it's here for you.

Cheers! ;)

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Kev - Have you still got a copy of the PDF for this. It's doesn't load on the rapidshare link. Thanks.
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