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Hi All

I'm having problems with my 2003 Duke. It misfires or pops repeatedly when I accelerate from 3500rpm and up. It loses a bit of power each time it backfires but I can still get it to move. The problem is much worse taking off than at higher speeds which is a pain when you are trying to get through traffic. It started not long after I adjusted the idling speed but has been getting steadily worse and doesn't improve if I adjust the idling speed again.

Not knowing much but guessing it is to do with the fuel mix I tried this morning to drain the carb, no change. And then adusted the screw (inverted T) on the bottom of the carb trying to alter the fuel mixture. I don't even know if that was the right thing to do as I can't find and post or pictures on what I should try to adjust.

I've taken the bike to Bracken before but want to know if I can fix this myself. I'm used to fixing flesh and bones, not oil and alloy but am keen to learn.

Can you help?


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