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I'm after an enclosed, waterproof, breathable motorcycle cover available for purchase in the UK.

I don't want a standard cover as in the past I've had spray-back from heavy rain result in wetting the spokes causing them to rust (this was on a new bike in AUS where there's no salt etc). Ie the cover needs to fully protect the wheels.

I know breathe-ability is important. I used this one in AUS and it was brilliant, only problem is they don't sell it here.:frown:

I found this one but it doesn't look very breathable, anyone know of it?

I've also found this one, any good? It seems expensive for what you get:

I don't want one of these tent systems as I don't have that much space:
Dust Off Motorcycle Covers - Dritop waterproof motorcycle shelter

Anyone who can solve this I'll shout a pint :cool:

Thanks in advance
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