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### sold ###

I’ve always liked how a big Adventure bike looks with set of aluminium panniers. Soft luggage looked to me like a cheap compromise. Until Giant Loop that is.

As soon as I’ve seen the first picture of a Great Basin I knew it just make sense. A 60l luggage that hugged the tail end, was narrower than the handlebars and weighted just 4.5lb. And it needs no luggage rack. And it doesn't bend if you drop the bike in the parkin lot.

All that for a fraction of what a set of panniers costs. It was a no-brainer really.

I had a small fear about it not been as safe as hard panniers but then again, as someone put it in a forum post, when you stop in a safe area it doesn't matter what type of luggage you got and if you find yourself in dodgy neighborhood of a far away town, you will not leave your bike alone no matter what. And besides that, with persuasion you break even into a Van Vault box.

Regarding waterproofing, seam sealed from new and never had a drop of water going in for all the years.

On solo trips, combined with the tank bag was more than enough for all the gear. For 2up we just added a 50l roll-top bag and the combined weight, including the tank bag, was still less than a single Alu box. That is about 145l of luggage space so compact and light you can do tight u-turns, lean low on sharp corners and squeeze easily in heavy traffic. You can just forget you have any luggage on.

Had it for about 5 years, it still looks like new and it comes with all 4 internal bags and the exhaust shield (unused, extra shields can be found for £20).
Selling because I’ve sold the bike and will not buy another one in the foreseeable future.

The new one goes for £375
I’m looking for £260 all in
I do accept returns if the buyer finds it not to their liking

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