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I need to clear some space so I'm giving away these luggage bits that I used to have on my old 990SM. I presume they would fit a 990SMT as well.
They're too bulky to post so any takers will need to collect from Woking, Surrey. PM me if interested.

The set-up is:
  • SW-Motech quick-lock panner racks.
  • Hepco & Becker Junior Flash 30 panniers.
  • SW-Motech alu-rack and adapter plate for a Hepco & Becker top box (top box not included).
  • All the spacers and fixings to fit on a 990SM.
The racks detach from the bike with 3 quarter-turn fasteners each side leaving just a few small brackets on the bike.
As you can see the steel parts are quite rusty in places and could do with stripping and repainting.
The panels on the panniers were painted by me and still look pretty sharp from a distance, but close up you can see the paintwork is scuffed and a bit tired.
However, this is all good German-made kit and is still a serviceable luggage setup.

At the bottom are some pictures of the setup back when it was new on my old, old 950SM (along with a H&B top box that's not included in this giveaway). I probably still have the spacers and fixings to refit to a 950 as well but you would need a different alu-rack.




950smt side.jpg alurack.jpg adapterplate.jpg
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