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We have just received this glowing Tripadvisor Review.

“A memory that will never be lost.”
5 of 5 stars Reviewed 1 July 2014

I'm nervous. I was 24 without a care in the world when I last rode bikes like these across Asia with no armour or helmet.

We are at Phil's lockup and the tension is raised as the heavy iron gate swings open to reveal a dark gaping hole. As we venture in we get our first glimpse of the bikes lined up, the adrenalin begins to run even faster. We kit up with body armour.

I brush off the nerves once I am sat on the 350 KTM. Within minutes we ride out in a cloud of dust.

The pace quickens and so does my grip as we race up a track and into the woods. I'm missing turns and struggling with the gear changes, my boots are uncomfortable and I realise I have not taken a breath in the last 5 minutes. White dots pass in front of my eyes as the pine fresh oxygen enters my lungs.

Day 2 and with boots adjusted we hit the trails. The pace is even faster, tearing up terrain I thought was impossible only the day before. I'm up tight against the fuel tank one foot constantly flickering over the front wheel for traction. I am in awe of this machine. Then I stack it, a forward flip and dumped down a ditch.. It's all in slow motion and Phil is there helping me up in a flash and checking me out. A quick thumbs up and we are back on the move.

Day 3. I'm in the groove and pushing hard playing with a loose back wheel. These bikes are bullet proof.

Day 4. I'm a pro. There is little I would hesitate taking on now.. But I'm broken and exhausted.. When can I do this again?
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