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just a heads up for anyone who rides anywere around the peak district and derbyshire dales.
Derbyshire county council are conducting a survey of people interested in the green lanes around here.
This can be filled in on line or printed out and posted back to them.
To find it..,type derbyshire county council into your browser and pick the official council site.
Then on the right hand side click ...consultations.
then click...all consultations.
among these you will find the relevant survey.

Please read the questions carefully..they can be misleading..
Please take time to fill this in and tell all your riding friends to do the same.and spread the word.... survey ends in March so be quick...they have kept it under wraps.....:mad:..
all the ramblers will be against us riding the lanes,so everyone needs to make the effort

sorry to go on
or our hobby is under threat
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