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Just bought myself a 525exc. She wasn't pulling as she should (got burned off by a crappy porsche 30mph-70mph yesterday... how embarrassing :wanker:). Opened her up this morning, adjusted the valves (which were pretty much closed) and took her a test ride. The bike pulled properly with plenty of power in all gears but died on me after a mile or 2 when i stopped to turn round.
She restarted alright but then died again when I was nearly home and had to get pushed the last couple of hundred yards. Upon inspection the spark plug was gunged up so cleaned it off, replaced it, turned her over a few times and had another look. Spark was covered in oil again. :eek:
Now I should say at this point that I had my mechanically minded mate do the valves (he's competent and trustworthy having rebuilt a few rfs engines in his time) but before we strip it down again tonight I wonder if anyone has any ideas. Will it be something as simple as the piston ring? We wonder because she was pulling really well and didn't seem to be losing any power/compression while i gave her a test ride earlier.
The engine has obviously been worked on previously judging my our forensic skills but hours/miles are unknown due to conveniently cracked lcd display. :frown:
Bought it from stockport area in supermoto trim with gold excel rims on a 54 plate in case anyone might know the bike! Half hearted conversion as well... suspension's still on dirt settings, handle bars are way out and clutch lever won't fit behind hand guards. Lots to keep me busy - i've obviously bought it off an eejit.
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