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I was out on Sunday over Chipping Norton way on the A361, pretty cold but sun was out so me and a mate went for a blast. He's on a 2010 Blade and I'm on the SMR.

We get stuck behind some traffic (weird I know but certain parts of the 361 are crap for getting past trucks/tractors/cars etc) for a couple of miles, finally get past and then we come up to a round about so I slam the SMR over onto the right edge of the tyre which I am subsequently reminded is cold and therefore refusing to offer any form of grip!

A big front-end slide forces the bike even lower, wider and then regains a bit of grip and I'm on my way. I was like 'wtf happend there?!' And the face on the van driver who witnessed it from a petrol station in front of us was priceless. And my mate following was laughing his head off - thanks.

I was amazed at how well the bike coped with it, how composed it was and how little I shit myself. If I'd have been on the Blade I'd have been off for sure.
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